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Whether you’re a homeowner or a trade professional, When Quality Matters™ we’ve got the products you need for your project. Visit any of our  Holt Supply locations and you’ll find dedicated and knowledgeable people to serve your plumbing, HVAC, and bath and kitchen needs.

Our customers come to us When Quality Matters™. Our slogan is simply that — because we’re passionate about what we do and know that quality does matter to the most discerning tradespeople and homeowners alike.

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Trade or Homeowners... we welcome everyone! Visit any of our locations and you'll find dedicated people to serve your plumbing, HVAC or bath and kitchen needs.
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When Craig's Heating & Cooling was located in Lincoln, Nebraska I worked with a very good American Standard distributor and was concerned moving to Pickstown, South Dakota what kind of service I'd get up here.  Since American Standard Heating and Cooling equipment is the #1 consumer-rated brand, and is the most reliable, I wanted to keep selling it.  This led me to Holt Supply.

They have actually exceeded my expectations, everything I've needed they've had in stock and they deliver right to my shop or to the job site. So I have it better here than I did in Lincoln.

Since I do sell American Standard Equipment there aren't very many service problems, but the time I did need a little help Holt Supply handled it.

In July our local National Guard unit- the 155th- got deployed to Kuwait.  The week before they left one of the members had A/C problems (23 yrs old, young wife, 2 yr old daughter).  They needed a new evaporator coil.  I always try to give a better price to people in the military so I called Mike at Holt Supply and explained the situation and begged him for a better price on the coil.  He pretty much sold me the coil for cost and I did the same on my end.

Stuff like that speaks volumes about the kind of people you want to work with. Thanks, Mike!

Craig Hibbs Craig's Heating & Cooling, Inc. Sioux Falls February 4, 2016

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