Introducing CORRO-PROTEC

A long-term protection solution for problem water

Only $104.40

CORRO-PROTEC removes bad odors and provides permanent protection against corrosion, regardless of the water hardness.

multiple benefits

  • AUTOMATICALLY ADAPTS  The CORRO-PROTEC automatically adapts to the type of water present in the tank in order to offer optimal protection.
  • REMOVES ODORS CORRO-PROTEC’s special titanium alloy corrects odor problems (smell of sulfur/rotten egg) that are found in hot water with a high magnesium content.
  • PROTECTS AGAINST CORROSION The energy projected by the CORRO-PROTEC forms a protective layer on the walls and the weak points of the tank, which has the effect of providing the tank with a permanent protection against corrosion.
  • REDUCES SCALING The current imposed by the CORRO-PROTEC reduces the accumulation of limescale inside the tank, which reduces the risk of breakage and premature wear of the water heater.
  • PRESERVES EFFICIENCY Scaling inside the tank prevents the elements from being effective and causes the water heater to need more energy to function properly. By reducing the accumulation of material on the elements and walls of the tank, the energy efficiency is preserved in the long term.
  • EASY INSTALLATION Replace the original anode rod with the CORRO-PROTEC, then connect the current rectifier.

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