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We wouldn’t be leading the industry without it. Innovation is an intelligent, solutions-based response to real needs.

Sioux Chief takes great pride knowing industry professionals rely on us for our intense focus on crafting tomorrow’s better rough plumbing tools and equipment. How do we do it? Simple. We listen.

Our innovative Supply, Drainage and Support product lines reflect a close relationship with the customer who best conveys what solutions look and feel like. We get to know these individuals on a personal level, keeping the lines of communication open to find out what works and what doesn’t. After all, they’re our customers – the people in the field who best define the performance specs – and we take it from there.


Doing it right the first time is vital for your business. If not, your schedule, bottom line and reputation all suffer. That’s why installing the highest-quality products is so valuable. And thanks to Sioux Chief, these products are affordable, too.

However, quality doesn’t just come from regulations – it comes from caring. Sioux Chief invests itself in technology, certifications, processes, inspections and evaluations on the front end so that we can hand the very best American made product to our customers on the front line.

We realize you have a choice with whom you do business for all your plumbing product needs. Which is why quality is never sacrificed with us, and why we’ll never settle for second best.


Our story began back in August of 1957, when Sioux Chief Mfg. Co. Inc. was founded and incorporated by the late Martin E. “Ed” Ismert, Jr., in an attempt to smooth the boom-bust housing cycle experienced by his plumbing wholesale supply company.

Sioux Chief got its start packaging specialty fasteners and other items geared toward residential plumbing jobs. In the early ’60s, Ed borrowed the idea of spinning copper tube closed for simple air chambers and adapted it for stub outs which could be used by plumbers. This preformed copper tube saved plumbers from sweat soldering tube caps onto their copper tube for water shock and test-off purposes. By 1975 a heavy emphasis on sales and new product development began when Ed’s two eldest sons purchased the corporation and took over operations. Since then Sioux Chief has welcomed the third generation of family members to the team and has introduced a wide range of innovative products.

Sioux Chief began its operations in a 3,000 square foot third floor area of Double I Supply, a plumbing wholesaler in the Kansas City, Kansas, West River Bottoms, from 1957 to 1967. After moving to Kansas City, Missouri, from 1967 to 1969, Sioux Chief grew into a 10,000 square foot building in Grandview, Missouri, from 1970 until 1983. In 1983, the corporation purchased its own building for the first time, a 23,000 square foot plant, warehouse, and office south of Peculiar, Missouri. Today this plant/warehouse/office has grown to occupy more than 300,000 square feet on 140 acres.


Sioux Chief is a privately owned company that chooses to give back primarily to local organizations and the neediest of society based on biblical beliefs. Currently Sioux Chief supports financially over 120 organizations that support the youth, especially the underprivileged, the poor, and the unborn, as well as the elderly and some religiously oriented educational institutions.

Other outreach events for which Sioux Chief Employees may participate include activities such as Christmas family adoption by each department, participation in Operation Good Neighbor, a local non-profit that helps with winterizing homes, or disaster relief, and visiting local food kitchens or homeless shelters and lending a hand with a meal.

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