Smith-Cooper International


Smith Cooper International, Inc. manufactures customized stainless and carbon steel valves. Its products include AWWA gate and check valves butterfly valves, specialties, grooved fittings and couplings, malleable iron fittings, carbon forged steel fittings, merchant steel fittings, bronze fittings and brass nipples, and pipes. The company also offers lead free products, flanged fittings, ductile iron fittings, cast iron threaded fittings, weld outlets, carbon steel nipples, stainless steel standard weight fittings, stainless steel heavy pattern fittings, stainless steel bar stock fittings, stainless steel forged steel, stainless steel buttweld fittings, sanitary products, stainless steel flanges, stainless steel nipples, stainless steel pipe and tube, and instrumentation fittings. In addition, it offers three piece ball valves, tube full port ball valves, special service ball valves, fire safe ball valves, flanged ball valves, multiport ball valves, seal welded body ball valves, butterfly valves, economy ball valves, controls, gate globe and check valves, and oil patch valves. The company’s valves are used by companies involved in manufacturing, chemical processing, paper and pulp, petroleum, power generation, and food processing. The company was incorporated in 1993 and is based in Commerce, California.

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