You’ll probably be surprised how affordable it is to purchase and install a Steamist steam shower to turn your master bath into a luxurious home spa. The components of a basic steam bath system are…

SM or Total Sense™ Steam Generator

The Steam Generator fits almost anywhere. The compact design of the Steamist steam generator means it can be easily installed in a vanity, a closet, an insulated attic or basement. Virtually maintenance-free, it’s the heart of your steam shower experience. With Steamist, you have two options: an SM Series generator, or our “TSG” generator for the Total Sense™ Home Spa Collection, which offers the following premium features…


quietly and continuously modulates steam output using patent-pending Dual Sensor technology to meet your precise steam shower requirements without sudden temperature spikes.


is a selectable feature which provides quick-response steam in about a minute, to get you into your steambath quickly.


mobile application provides you with remote control over your Total Sense system from anywhere within your home WiFi network, using your iPhone or Android mobile device.

Spa Options

with the Total Sense system allow you to select as many as four Steamist spa options… AromaSense, ChromaSense, ShowerSense or AudioSense.

Steambath Controls

Controls provide the perfect experience. A variety of controls let you program your Steamist steambath, providing soothing joy at your exact temperature preference. The primary controls mount inside the steambath, and basic functions include on/off, programmable timer and temperature readout. Additional on/off controls are also available for mounting outside the steambath.


The steamhead surrounds you in warmth. Delight in even, soothing steam from all four sides, without “hot” or “cold” spots. Introduce aromatherapy essential oils into the steambath from the steamhead’s integrated “well.” The 3199 steamhead comes with every digital temperature control in a matching finish.

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